About Us

Welcome to Victa6

Welcome to Victa6, your ultimate destination for high-quality activewear that inspires and motivates.

Victa6 was established in Carmel, NY, our veteran owned business is driven by a deep passion to empower individuals to push themselves and others forward in a positive manner.

At Victa6, we offer a diverse range of activewear designs, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for humor-infused styles, bold and vibrant choices, or more serious and thought-provoking designs, we have you covered. Our clothing reflects your hard-charging, warrior spirit and serves as a testament to your relentless pursuit of success.

Practicality and function are at the core of our offerings. Each product is meticulously handpicked and put through rigorous testing by our team to ensure durability and exceptional comfort. We take pride in delivering activewear that not only looks great but also supports you in your active pursuits. The name Victa6 holds significant meaning. It represents leading your way to victory, as “Victa” stems from Latin variations of the verbs “to conquer” or “to win.” The number 6 derives from the military unit’s communication section, known as S6. When you call for “Six” or “Six Actual” on the radio, you’re directly reaching out to the commanding officer.

Victa6 is the brainchild of William, the owner and creator, who brings a wealth of experience from his 25 years in government service. During the first five years, William served as a Special Agent for U.S. Army counterintelligence, gaining invaluable international experience. He then joined the NYPD and dedicated 20 years to various units, including Organized Crime, Auto Larceny, Anti-Crime, and Patrol. Supported by his wife Daisy, who boasts 30 years in the NYC fashion industry, William brings a unique blend of expertise to Victa6.

We invite you to explore our collection of inspiring activewear and experience the difference that Victa6 brings to your journey. Embrace the spirit of victory and lead your way to success with Victa6.

Victa6, High-Quality Activewear Designed to Inspire and Motivate